N-Oleolethanolamide: Satiety-enhancing Compound for Effective Weight Loss


N-Oleolethanolamide: Satiety-enhancing Compound for Effective Weight Loss

The breakdown of fats through a process known as lipolysis naturally occurs in the human body through the activation and synthesis of several chemicals and enzymes. The role of weight loss products in terms of improving metabolism and fat loss primarily involves the enhancement of production of the essential compounds in the body for lipolysis. Among the most significant naturally-occurring compounds which play vital roles in potential fat loss is the ethanolamide lipid known as Oleolethanolamide. In its natural form, the compound Oleolethanolamide is synthesized in the intestines and functions primarily for satiety. Many manufacturers of modern health supplements now include synthetically-produced Oleolethanolamide in the form of N-Oleolethanolamide for effective weight loss promotion.

What is N-Oleolethanolamide?

N-Oleolethanolamide is a lipid compound. In many animal subject studies, it was observed that the increased rate of N-Oleolethanolamide in animals lead to reduction in food intake. It was also observed in quantitative researches that the compound helps enhance satiety among human users, thereby resulting to controlled eating and compliance with diet regimen in weight loss programs. Experts say that the compound works by acting on the Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Alpha (PPARα). The activation of the receptor leads to the effective supplication of energy in body cells which, in turn, results to reduced sensation of hunger. The exact mechanism of action of N-Oleolethanolamide among humans is not fully understood but it is claimed by many health practitioners to be a potential weight loss aid.

Health benefits of using N-Oleolethanolamide

As a compound which promotes weight loss through satiety enhancement patterns, experts say that N-Oleolethanolamide may provide a wide range of health benefits among human users. The following are some of the benefits of using N-Oleolethanolamide:

  • It may help control obesity

Many obese and overweight individuals are unable to adopt diet programs due to extreme hunger. In order to resolve the issue, experts recommend the use of N-Oleolethanolamide supplements as it helps reduce sensation of hunger. By increasing satiety, the compound effectively enhances the metabolism of molecules in body cells and tissues. Individuals seeking to control obesity and overweight status may benefit with N-Oleolethanolamide supplementation.

  • It increases body cell energy

The pattern by which N-Oleolethanolamide works is known to effectively provide body cells with constant supply of energy. As a result, individuals taking N-Oleolethanolamide may perform exercises for longer periods of time without feeling exhausted and fatigued. Rapid weight loss may result with effectively reduced appetite and satisfactory performance of exercise routines.

  • It may help prevent lifestyle disorders

Diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus Type II and cardiovascular conditions may result with obesity. In one study, a group of experts provided that the use of N-Oleolethanolamide may be very helpful in the prevention of these lifestyle-associated health conditions.


The risks associated with N-Oleolethanolamide are not yet fully known, although experts say that it is completely safe for use. The compound should not be used by individuals who are suffering from serious medical conditions.

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