Astragalus extract: Northern Asia’s Anti-aging Secret

Astragalus extract

Astragalus extract: Northern Asia’s Anti-aging Secret

Stopping the aging process, which is an inevitable part of life, is impossible but preventing rapid decline of body systems and controlling appearance of the early signs of aging is a different story. Since the beginning of time, scientists have been searching for ways on how to control rapid aging and prolong life. Studies after studies were conducted for centuries but even with the development of modern technological methods, aging control patterns always fall short on certain matters. The time came, however, when modern science began to open its eyes into the possible health effects of traditional herbal treatments involving potential aging control agents like Astragalus extract. Not only did experts found an anti-aging secret but they have also found a potential cancer cure with the active components of Astragalus extract.

What is Astragalus extract?

Astragalus is an herb prevalent in certain regions of Northern Asia. For thousands of years, the extract of the herb has been used in the treatment of several health conditions including ordinary sickness and fatigue. With the rise in health consciousness and aesthetic product use in the recent centuries, however, the interest on using Astragalus extract for beautifying purposes began. Experts say that several compounds found in the extract increases production of DNA components which prevent deterioration of chromosomes, thus preventing rapid aging. It also increases the rate of production of the immune system’s macrophages or natural phagocytes of the body.

Health Benefits of using Astragalus extract

In an independent study conducted on Astragalus extract, researchers declared that the health properties of Astragalus extract use are so unique that it may solve most of the health problems of modern men. Some of the benefits of Astragalus extract supplementation, as proven by experts, include the following:

  • It notably boosts healing rate

Wound healing is an immune system response in conjunction with musculoskeletal system repair and blood circulation. Studies show that Astragalus extract helps enhance wound healing rate by reducing inflammation and increasing nutrient supply in the wound area. Because of this claim, the extract has been used in the treatment of bed sores, ulcers and hemorrhage.

  • It enhances blood sugar levels

As a rich source of polysaccharides, Astragalus extract is also promoted as a potential treatment for abnormal blood sugar levels among patients with Diabetes Mellitus. Experts say that the polysaccharide elements in Astragalus extract effectively eliminates fat molecules in the key receptors of the cells, thus facilitating absorption of insulin and glucose and lowering blood sugar levels.

  • It controls tumor growth

The polysaccharides in Astragalus extract are also shown to have scavenging properties which allow the elements to get rid of toxic compounds in the body cells. Effective detoxification and elimination helps control cancer cell development and tumor growth.


Several companies involved in health supplement manufacture include Astragalus extract for its proven health benefits. There being no risks associated with Astragalus extract use, it is believed to be one of the best extracts for optimum wellness.

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