Potassium orotate: The Instant Cure for Various Mineral Deficiencies

Potassium orotate

Potassium orotate: The Instant Cure for Various Mineral Deficiencies

Mineral deficiency conditions usually result from lack of other types of compounds in the human body which are necessary in the transport and absorption of minerals in body cells. One of the most common deficiency conditions which are treated not only by providing the main deficient mineral but also by providing transport function compounds is Potassium deficiency. According to researches, there are several dangerous effects of Potassium deficiency among humans as it affects muscles, including cardiac muscles. This means that a deficiency in Potassium may result to problems such as irregular heartbeat, slowed heartbeat and even myocardial infarction. In order to facilitate efficient administration of Potassium in the body and treat Potassium deficiency, experts highly recommend the use of Potassium orotate. The main mineral for the health supplement ingredient Potassium orotate is Potassium but the inclusion of Orotic acid is highly beneficial in helping body cells absorb Potassium without being damaged.

What is Potassium orotate?

The compound Potassium orotate is usually found in many health supplement products as it is beneficial in many ways. It is simply a combination of the essential bodily mineral Potassium and the mineral transport aide Orotic Acid. Studies show that orotic acid in Potassium orotate is also beneficial in the transport of other minerals found in a given health supplement product formulation. Orotic acid is also useful in allowing minerals, including Potassium, to enter body cells through the cell membrane without being destroyed as it is able to cross cellular barriers. Potassium orotate is also said to be helpful in treating magnesium deficiencies as both Potassium and Orotic acid have functions in promoting transport of minerals throughout the body. Although highly beneficial and advisable for use, experts say that Potassium orotate must be taken only within recommended doses by healthy individuals. Those who are diagnosed with certain health conditions must consult their physicians before using Potassium orotate.

What are the benefits of using Potassium orotate?

The following are the health benefits of using Potassium orotate:

  • It may help promote wound healing

Potassium orotate, according to latest health researches, may help promote wound healing among patients who have just undergone surgical procedures. This means that it may be used in the post-operative stage among patients who are suffering from slowed wound healing.

  • It promotes absorption of Vitamin C

Taking Potassium orotate may also be useful to enhance absorption of Vitamin C, thus improving immunity and disease resistance indirectly. Experts believe that this is made possible as orotic acid helps transport minerals.

  • It may improve overall mental well-being

There are limited evidences showing improvement of mental well-being among patients who have taken Potassium orotate supplements but many experts say that the claim is highly probable. However, this is still subject to confirmatory researches.


Potassium orotate may be taken within recommended doses to prevent side effects of excessive Potassium orotate intake. It must also be noted that its primary function is to increase Potassium levels.

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