Corydalis extract: A Body Vitalizer for Pain Relief

Corydalis extract

Corydalis extract: A Body Vitalizer for Pain Relief

Among the most common classifications of medications in traditional Chinese medicine is the group of body vitalizers or movers. Body vitalizers primarily promote health and wellness by providing pain relief, reducing inflammation and enhancing overall immunity. In recent medical studies, experts have developed interested over a popular body vitalizer known as Corydalis extract as it is shown to potentially treat a fibromyalgia, a musculoskeletal heath condition. Other quantitative and qualitative researches involving human and animal subjects are currently being conducted in various laboratory settings to fully determine and provide evidentiary proofs for claims associated with Corydalis extract supplementation. The use of Corydalis extract in health supplement formulations is highly advisable among individuals who frequently experience depression as well as those who are exposed to high levels of stress.

What is Corydalis extract?

For centuries, Corydalis root and tuber has been used in the development of medications indicated for various health conditions in alternative medicine practices. Not much information is yet available on Corydalis as it has only received recognition as a potential wellness aid in the recent years. Corydalis extract is derived from extraction procedures conducted on Corydalis roots and tubers. Phytochemical researches show that Corydalis extract contains nutrients which may enhance hormonal balance and promote overall relaxation. Corydalis plant relatively belongs to the poppy family. It is currently being studied upon for its effects in controlling rapid growth and metastasis of cancer cells as well as in pain control. Some experts claim that Corydalis extract supplementation may help provide arthritic pain and back pain relief.

What are the benefits of using Corydalis extract supplements?

Corydalis extract is usually included in health supplement formulations along with popular herbal ingredients. On its own, it is believed to provide a wide range of health benefits which include the following:

  1. It may help cure dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea is characterized in various extents of intensity and manifested in several signs and symptoms. Women who suffer from the condition often use pain relief medications to prevent muscle cramping. Studies show that Corydalis extract has almost the same effect as dysmenorrhea medications in terms of relieving pain. It may not have as rapid effects as compared to prescription medications.

  1. It may lower blood pressure

Experts also believe that some of the compounds in Corydalis extract may help lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular function. Lowered blood pressure helps reduce risk for strokes and myocardial infarction among high-risk patients.

  1. It may work as a sedative

Even in the early days, Corydalis extract has been used as a sedative or a tranquilizer. Today, many experts recognize the potential use of Corydalis extract in sedation.


As a member of the poppy family, Corydalis extract is believed to be quite beneficial among individual users. It must, however, be taken within recommended doses to avoid side effects.

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