Tyramine: Treating Neurotransmitter Imbalances for Better Health


Tyramine: Treating Neurotransmitter Imbalances for Better Health

Health practitioners often advise patients to avoid eating Tyramine-rich foods as the compound is known to stimulate migraine especially among high-risk groups. The intake of Tyramine-containing health supplements is, however, highly recommended as the compound can provide a wide range of health benefits when taken within low doses. Adults and elderly individuals who are not suffering from migraine are advised to take Tyramine as it works as effectively as many neurotransmitters in the human brain. Aside from possibly improving cognitive functions, the compound is also believed to work in enhancing psychological responses which may have become altered due to imbalances in neurotransmitter production.

What is Tyramine?

Tyramine is a health compound which occurs naturally in many food sources. It is an amino acid which is derived from another compound known as Tyrosine. Tyramine is mostly used in weight loss dietary supplements as it has been initially presented as a potential agent for fat burn but more advanced studies revealed that it has many significant health effects primarily beneficial among elderly individuals. There are many quantitative and qualitative studies conducted to prove efficiency of the compound in terms of health promotion. Since effective doses sufficient to provide benefits without increasing risks to migraines have already been established, the use of the compound is highly advisable.

What are the benefits of using Tyramine?

Foods containing Tyramine contribute to a lot of health benefits but when taken in high doses, it can cause mild side effects. Tyramine supplements contain healthy levels of the compound to provide several health benefits among individual users which include the following:

  1. It increases glucose uptake

Studies show that the compound Tyramine increases glucose uptake among body cells to provide constant supply of energy among individual users. Most experts say that the benefit is brought about by the ability of the compound to control insulin resistance brought about by problems in insulin entry in body cells. This health benefit is also believed to help prevent Diabetes Mellitus progression as well as obesity. Although the claim is not yet fully established through qualitative studies, it is believed to be highly feasible.

  1. It can work against hypotension

Prolonged low blood pressure or hypotension can be as dangerous as hypertension especially when accompanied with other alarming signs and symptoms. In recent health studies, experts found that the compound Tyramine may stimulate vasoconstriction, thereby increasing blood pressure among users. This is because it effectively boosts sympathomimetic responses through increase in adrenaline levels. Hypertensive patients are thus required to consult physician prior to use of Tyramine supplements.

  1. It reduces risk for muscle atrophy

Muscle atrophy often results when a muscle group is not stimulated due to illnesses affecting movement. In one study, experts made a conclusion that Tyramine may help reduce risk for muscle atrophy, although the compound’s mechanism of action is not yet fully explained.


Tyramine is a naturally-occurring compound in various food groups. Patients who are at high risk for migraines and hypertension must seek physician’s advice prior to use of the compound.

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