Cycloastragenol: The Beneficial Solution for Aging


Cycloastragenol: The Beneficial Solution for Aging

Wrinkles, age spots and other signs of aging appear rapidly among persons whose skin cells are damaged due to various factors including pollution and unhealthy diet. Aside from changing a person’s overall appearance, rapid development of signs of aging also results to changes in a person’s psychological health. This is the reason why a lot of experts seek to development measures to prevent development of signs of aging. One of the measures which are now being considered as one of the most effective ways to prevent many signs of aging is the use of a compound known as Cycloastragenol. Although the use and advertisement of Cycloastragenol as an anti-aging agent has become controversial in the past few years, experts say that it may be used in enhancing overall wellbeing when taken in regulated doses. Many studies reveal that high doses of Cycloastragenol may be harmful to health.

 What is Cycloastragenol?

Cycloastragenol is a compound derived and isolated from the popular herbal medicine Astragalus. Studies show that Cycloastragenol is primarily responsible for the many health effects associated with Cycloastragenol use, though many of the uses of Astragalus result from combination of functions of many of its compounds. Various researches are currently being conducted on Cycloastragenol and its effects due to claims that it reduces appearance of signs of aging. In one study, it was concluded that Cycloastragenol may prolong health span among mice subjects, but does not necessarily result to prolonged life span. In another recent study, experts discovered that the activity of Cycloastragenol in reducing aging signs is not associated with cancer development. These findings provide evidences on the potential health uses of Cycloastragenol, but the exact mechanism of action of the compound is not yet fully known. Deeper studies are necessarily to fully prove how Cycloastragenol affects overall human health.

Health benefits of using Cycloastragenol?

Using Cycloastragenol in health supplement formulations is very beneficial. Studies provide that the following may result when Cycloastragenol is taken regularly:

  • It may improve immune cell division

One study on Cycloastragenol has shown that it may be useful in promoting division of immune cells. This function may result to overall improvement of wellness as the body develops improved resistance against illnesses.

  • It has specific antiviral effects

Certain viruses are shown to be virulent, thus producing a high rate of morbidity and mortality among humans. Experts have found that Cycloastragenol supplementation may also be useful in preventing viral growth and development in the body.

  • It may promote healing of burns

Patients who have just suffered burns may also find relief with Cycloastragenol supplementation. This is because Cycloastragenol promotes activation of skin cell development.


Overall, Cycloastragenol may be very useful but excessive doses of the compound may be dangerous. Experts are still trying to discover how Cycloastragenol exactly works in the human body.

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