Echinacea Cichoric acid:It Is A Better Alternative for Enhanced Immunity

Echinacea Cichoric acid

Echinacea Cichoric acid:It Is A Better Alternative for Enhanced Immunity

Health supplements containing Echinacea has surprisingly topped gross sales in the recent decades as shown in statistical surveys as it is proven to promote immunity and prevent cancer cell growth in the early stages of the disease process. Although explanations on the clinical patterns and mechanisms of action of Echinacea are not yet fully understood, many users of health supplements containing Echinacea have reported lowered risk for infections, improved respiratory system health and overall enhancement of wellness. Among the compounds isolated form Echinacea which is believed to contribute in its beneficial use is Cichoric acid. Echinacea Cichoric acid is an important compound with many biologic functions. It is currently being subjected to health studies following pilot findings that it may help protect cells from damages brought about by circulating free radicals and prevent cancer cell development.

What is Echinacea Cichoric acid?

Along with polysaccharides, alkylamides and echinacosides, Cichoric acid in Echinacea provide many health benefits associated with improved immunity. Echinacea Cichoric acid is classified as a hydroxycinnamic acid which is a derivative of tartaric acid and another compound known as caffeic acid. Aside from Echinacea, Cichoric acid has also been isolated in other plant species including Chicory. Echinacea, however, yields highest amounts of Cichoric acid, making it among the most ideal source of the compound. Echinacea Cichoric acid is believed to be highly contributory in the health effects associated with the use of Echinacea. This is the reason why manufacturers of health supplements simply include Cichoric acid in their formulations, in lieu of including extract coming from Echinacea.

What are the benefits of using Echinacea Chichoric acid?

Taking supplements with relative doses of Echinacea Cichoric acid is quite beneficial among individuals with lowered resistance and immunity brought about by underlying health conditions. Some of the other health benefits of using Echinacea Cichoric acid include the following:

  • It may protect skin cells

Being the baseline defense from invading microorganisms, the skin is at highest risk for infections. Studies show however that taking Echinacea Cichoric acid supplements may help prevent skin infections as the compound protects skin cells from damage.

  • It reduces inflammation

The effect of Echinacea Cichoric acid in controlling inflammation is not as immediate as medically-formulated drugs but it is said to be ideal for patients who are experiencing long-term inflammatory conditions. The claim that Echinacea Cichoric acid may control inflammation is not yet fully proven.

  • It promotes oral health

Oral health conditions which are associated with bacterial growth like gingivitis are said to be treated effectively with oral Echinacea Cichoric acid supplements. This is because the compound is shown to prevent infection.


Many health studies suggest that Echinacea Cichoric acid may be useful as well in controlling allergic reactions. It is still being studied upon to fully determine its effects in the human body.

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