Galla chinensis: The Best Chinese Herb for Dental Carries

Galla chinensis

Galla chinensis: The Best Chinese Herb for Dental Carries

Aside from destroying the appearance of the teeth, dental carries also increase a person’s risk to several infections and illnesses. This is the reason why simple tooth decay should not be taken lightly. With the aim to prevent dental carries and its effects in the human health, several experts have conducted studies to determine the potential benefits of Galla chinensis herb in the prevention of tooth decay. In many quantitative researches and qualitative studies conducted on animal subjects, scientists have found that the compounds in Galla chinensis are indeed very effective in controlling tooth destruction secondary to tooth decay. This finding is important as it will result to the prevention of many illnesses. It is also said that improved teeth health may result to better digestive tract function as effective mastication enhances food breakdown. There are many benefits of using Galla chinensis in health supplement formulations but these health claims are still subject to deeper researches.

What is Galla chinensis?

Galla chinensis is a popular Chinese traditional herb having peculiar astringent taste. It has been used for thousands of years in the treatment of various disorders including respiratory conditions, digestive tract disturbances and even problems with the blood. Although the claims associated with the use of Galla chinensis are not yet fully proven, many experts and even actual patients have provided baseline information on the efficiency of Galla chinensis as an alternative medicinal herb. Some researchers also say that the compound in Galla chinensis may have potential effects in cancer prevention, thereby making it an effective anti-cancer agent. The action of these compounds in cancer prevention is not yet fully understood but is currently being subjected to health studies. Today, the most important reason why Galla chinensis is included in many health supplement formulations is its claimed effect in tooth decay or dental carries prevention. Galla chinensis must be used within recommended doses only to prevent side effects.

What are the benefits of using Galla chinensis?

The benefits of using Galla chinensis supplements include the following:

  • It has antibacterial action

Some experts say that the tooth decay-fighting action of Galla chinensis is brought about by its effects in controlling growth of microorganisms in the mouth which cause tooth decay. The antibacterial action of Galla chinensis is believed to extend beyond the oral cavity.

  • It may control helminthic growth

Galla chinensis is also said to be an effective anti-helminthic agent. With this action, several digestive tract conditions associated with helminthic growth may be prevented and effective digestive tract function and absorption may be promoted.

  • It controls inflammation

The herbal medicine Galla chinensis is also a well-known anti-inflammatory agent. Although this has been observed in many quantitative researches, Galla chinensis is not yet recognized by the US-FDA as an anti-inflammatory medication.


Galla chinensis is very effective in improving overall wellness in several ways. However, it must be used with caution among patients with ongoing pathologies.

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