Glossy privet fruit extract: An Effective Immunity Aid for Cancer Patients

Glossy privet fruit extract

Glossy privet fruit extract: An Effective Immunity Aid for Cancer Patients

Evidences on the potential effects of Glossy privet fruit extract on cancer cell growth are not yet available but it is highly probable that the health supplement extract may inhibit proliferation of rapidly-mutating cells and prevent tumor growth. Glossy privet fruit extract has long been the subject of many scientific studies as it has been a significant component of traditional alternative medicine practices. As of date, experts say that Glossy privet fruit extract is possibly effective in the promotion of liver health as well as in controlling infections brought about by several microorganisms. Patients undergoing chemotherapy may also take Glossy privet fruit extract supplements as it is claimed to enhance effects of chemotherapeutic drugs. Cancer patients must, however, take Glossy privet fruit extract with caution and with prior consultation to physicians in order to prevent drug interactions.

What is Glossy privet fruit extract?

The fruit of the Glossy privet plant contains high amounts of nutrients for better health. It is important to distinguish Glossy privet plant from other species of the same family such as Chinese privet and golden privet as the health effects associated with these herbs may vary. In the early days, Glossy privet fruit extract is used in darkening hair and promoting hair growth. Experts in modern days say that the extract may indeed promote hair growth and overall hair health but the effects are not as rapid. Some cosmetic products also include Glossy privet fruit extract in their formulations as it is shown to reduce appearance of dark spots in the skin and on the face. Long-term use of Glossy privet fruit extract in health supplement products, according to studies, promotes youthful appearance while enhancing internal health.

Health benefits of Glossy privet fruit extract

The extract of Glossy privet fruit contains compounds like oleonolic acid, ursolic acid, polysaccharides and phospholipids. Some of the most common uses of Glossy privet fruit extract, according to studies, include the following:

  1. It may enhance immune system function

Recent studies reveal that Glossy privet fruit extract may enhance immunity by promoting production of disease-fighting cells. During chemotherapy, white blood cell production reduces but with Glossy privet fruit extract supplementation, the chemotherapy side effect may be dealt with effectively.

  1. It reduces atherosclerotic obstruction

Atherosclerosis or the blood vessel disease associated with the accumulation of cholesterol and trigylcerides in the layers of the arteries often obstructs blood circulation. Studies show that Glossy privet fruit extract supplementation may help reduce atherosclerotic obstruction.

  1. It may work against Hepatitis

Important clinical researches have been conducted to determine whether Glossy privet fruit extract may treat hepatitis, following discovery that it enhances effects of superoxide dismutase or SOD So far, animal subject studies are very promising.


Glossy privet fruit extract is a unique supplement ingredient which not only prevents tumor growth but also treats off effects of chemotherapy. Studies are necessary, however, to establish evidences on its health claims.

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