Kunzu root extract: The Extract for Better Health among Elderly

Kunzu root extract

Kunzu root extract: The Extract for Better Health among Elderly

The healing powers of Chinese herbs used to be a taboo in Western modern medicine but with the advent of clinical studies showing their safety and efficiency, experts have begun to recognize potential Chinese herbs. Among the herbs which have long been used in alternative practice but recently recognized for its various health benefits is the edible vegetable Kunzu. Kunzu root extract is currently being used in the development of several health supplements indicated for both healthy and sickly individuals as it effectively provides treatment from ordinary muscle pains to complicated clotting disorders. There are no studies yet which have fully established the manner on how Kunzu root extract works but several researches have already established its potency.

What is Kunzu root extract?

Several parts of the Kunzu plant is usually used in medication production but its roots, according to experts, yields highest amounts of phytonutrients, making it the most ideal source for purposes of dietary supplement manufacture. The use of Kunzu root extract in medicine dates back to 200 BC but its health benefits in terms of treatment of various complicated conditions are only recently known. Kunzu root extract is often used in the treatment of alcoholism and its withdrawal symptoms among individuals who made a decision to stop alcohol abuse. It is not proven effective, however, in the prevention and control of substance abuse withdrawal and other forms of withdrawal symptoms.

What are the benefits of using Kunzu root extract?

Although originally introduced in the Western hemisphere for purposes of preventing soil erosion, the use of Kunzu root extract as a medicine became prevalent in the US following discoveries of its health benefits. The following are some of the benefits of using Kunzu root extract:

  1. It may improve circulation

Efficient blood circulation is very important for normal functions of the vital organs of the body. Due to certain factors, however, which include atherosclerotic plaque formations and other vasoconstrictive diseases, circulation is compromised and vital functions are left inefficient. Studies show that Kunzu root extract supplementation effectively improves blood circulation towards vital organs including the brain, the heart and the liver. It also facilitates circulation in the distal portions of the body such as the feet and the arms.

  1. It treats menopausal symptoms

Menopausal symptoms brought about by sudden changes in the hormonal levels among women due to elderly age can also be treated and prevented with long-term Kunzu root extract supplementation. Some of the components of the extract, according to one study, helps regulate hormonal balance, especially that of estrogen, to prevent menopausal symptoms from arising.

  1. It may help prevent stroke

In the early days, medical practitioners in China use Kunzu root extract in the treatment of stroke and the prevention of its re-occurrence. There is no clear understanding as to how Kunzu root extract works in this manner but experts are convinced as to this claim.


There are many other uses of Kunzu root extract in the field of medicine which covers several body organ systems. It must be taken within recommended doses, however, to prevent side effects.

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