L-Arginine: The Nitric Oxide Booster for Weight Loss


L-Arginine: The Nitric Oxide Booster for Weight Loss


You might already know what L-Arginine is but allow me to give you a short review about it. L-Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid. It is semi-essential because our body produces enough of it but still there are people who lack it so they need to take arginine supplementation. Arginine could also be taken from several foods like nuts, poultry, meat, fish and dairy products.

In this part of the article, we are going to talk about the things arginine can do for the body. What exactly are the benefits when a person takes arginine as a supplement? There are several studies and reviews on L-Arginine which prove its capability in improving a person’s health and body condition whether you are an athlete or a person who just want to improve his/her health.

It is undeniable that there are side effects of arginine but there are also countless benefits. First, let us discuss what role arginine plays in body building. Arginine helps in the production of nitric oxide, when a person has enough nitric oxide it helps them to have more strength and longer endurance. It also helps the immune system and even in the control of blood pressure.

What does it suggest? It means that when you take arginine, it will increase your nitric oxide and it help you to endure vigorous activities and even it will help you to be stronger. Athletes and bodybuilders will benefit much from this dietary supplement when they use it. Furthermore, taking arginine supplements could also help athletes and bodybuilders repair their damaged tissue due to heavy workouts in a short possible time.

This means people who love workouts and other vigorous activities will be spending a longer time in the gym or in a campsite. They will be using the most of their energy but it also helps them pump their muscles. Thus, for athletes and body builders, taking arginine while having workouts is a great help to improve your body shape, endurance and also your strength.

The next things we are going to discuss are the benefits a normal person could get when taking L-Arginine supplements. As I have said, arginine is naturally produced in our body thus everybody needs it.

What can we get when we take arginine supplements?

Let us start.

1. Arginine has great effects in terms of sexual relationship of both men and women. According to studies, it is proven that arginine helps both men and women to have a healthier sexual relationship with their partners; arginine raises up a person’s sexual desire thus these results to powerful orgasms and satisfaction. Arginine is also known to help men with problems in the number of their sperm erection.

2. L-Arginine cream is also helpful for both men and women in solving sexual problems just like the first benefit, it is useful for couples.

3. L-Arginine has the capacity to increase memory. What does this mean? Arginine is able to help the mind to perform well even in the times of vigorous or stressful activities. Arginine helps a person to be mindful about the things that are happening in his or her environment.

4. Arginine helps in wound healing. Arginine is a form of amino acid so it helps wound heal as fast as possible. This means that if your wound heals fast, it is a good sign, you have enough arginine but if you wound heals too slow, and then you have to check your diet. People who had undergone surgery could also benefit from L-Arginine because arginine helps in healing wounds, decreases possibility of infections and arginine has the capability to decrease healing time.

5. Arginine also helps premature babies. L-Arginine prevents swelling in the intestines of infants to avoid more serious infections and damages infants might feel or experience.

6. Arginine aids in the different systems of our body, like our nervous system, cardiovascular system and immune system. Arginine helps a person to stay calm in different situations and it even help in having a good sleeping condition. Several studies also have proven that arginine aids people with heart diseases but it should be with the assistance of a physician. Self-diagnosing is never recommended. Lastly, it assists our immune system.  Arginine has the ability to remove waste products in our body. In addition, arginine also fights different kinds of bacteria which were able to enter in our body.

7. Arginine also helps people with abnormalities in their blood pressure. Arginine helps in maintaining the normal flow of blood in the veins. In this case, arginine also can help in preventing blood clots and stokes.

8. Arginine is also helpful to avoid muscle wasting and weight loss. People who want to lose weight probably will benefit with arginine supplements. As I have said, arginine helps in improving muscle mass.

9. Arginine also helps pregnant women by helping them in stabilizing their blood pressure while in the stage of pregnancy. This doesn’t mean that it is already safe for pregnant women to use it whenever they want, there are still restrictions.

10. Arginine could also be beneficial to people who experience common ailing like colds and migraine. It is an amino acid and also a pain killer.

L-Arginine weight control lost weight build muscle

These are the different health benefits L-Arginine could offer. As mentioned in the different benefits of arginine, the amino acid doesn’t only benefit the old people, athletes, body builders but it could also benefit women who are pregnant and also babies who are too young. Everybody needs it. L-Arginine helps you have a healthier lifestyle and commendable body shape if it is used properly with right dosage and of course discipline. I’ve said it countless times in this article, if you are doubtful because you are taking other supplement; consult your physician before taking arginine as one of your dietary supplement.

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