Liver hydrolysate: Animal Liver Extract for Better Human Liver Function

Liver hydrolysate

Liver hydrolysate: Animal Liver Extract for Better Human Liver Function

The introduction of Liver extract or Liver hydrolysate in health supplement formulations has received varying reactions from both ordinary and expert individuals in the field of medicine. While it may sound new for some that the Liver hydrolysate is now used in the prevention and treatment of various human liver diseases, it appears in historic researches that the extract has been used for centuries for several medical purposes including treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and severe allergic reactions. The most significant finding on Liver hydrolysate health benefits which has paved the way to its popularity in modern clinical practice is the claim that it can increase lean muscle mass through certain activated patterns. Although the claim is not yet fully proven, many experts say that it is most likely to be true.

What is Liver hydrolysate?

Also known as aqueous liver extract, liver substance or liver concentrate, Liver hydrolysate refers to the extract taken from the liver of animals, primarily that of cattle. Phytochemical studies reveal that the extract contains high amounts of nutrients necessary for vital liver function such as iron. It is also believed that the active compounds found in Liver hydrolysate have hepatoprotective properties which can be manifested by effective hematinic activity. Despite its efficiency in improving liver function through long-term supplementation, experts advise pregnant and lactating women as well as those who are undergoing medication therapy to use Liver hydrolysate-containing health supplements with physician’s prescription.

Health benefits of using Liver hydrolysate

Liver hydrolysate supplementation can, aside from improving liver function, provide many other health benefits affecting various organ systems in the human body. These health benefits include the following:

  • It may improve quality of blood

By serving as a rich source of iron, Liver hydrolysate effectively improves Hemoglobin count in the human body. Hemoglobin is the component of red blood cells which gives out its color. It is primarily an indication of amount of oxygen carried by the blood towards various parts of the body. A low hemoglobin count can be an indication of low oxygen content in the blood which can result to reduced oxygen saturation and other blood diseases. Increasing Hemoglobin count through effective iron supplementation can result to overall improvement in blood quality.

  • It may prevent some cancer forms

Advanced researches on Liver hydrolysate also show that it may have certain effects in preventing specific cancer cell growths and development by migrating metastasizing cells in the human body. Some theories also provide that the extract can inhibit DNA and RNA production in rapidly-growing cells or cancer cells. This finding, however, is still subject to in-depth clinical researches.

  • It boosts detoxification

As a direct result of liver function improvement, many experts say that Liver hydrolysate supplementation is also effective in enhancing body detoxification. The liver primarily functions to cleanse the body from toxic chemicals. Thus, improving its function aids in detoxification.


Supplementing Liver hydrolysate is also said to increase muscle mass. Since it is a massive source of iron, however, it must be taken with caution among persons with blood-related conditions.,

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