Palmyra-Palm-Extract – It Is An Ancient Potential Treatment for Cancer


Palmyra-Palm-Extract – It Is An Ancient Potential Treatment for Cancer

Resembling the appearance of coconuts, Palmyra palm tree, known scientifically as Borassus Aethiopum, has been used in the field of culinary, medicine and construction for thousands of years. Although the resemblance with the widely known medicinal source coconut is only superficial, experts in the modern days have found that the active ingredients of Palmyra palm extract can contribute to a lot of health benefits necessary for treatment and prevention of various lifestyle-associated conditions. While most clinical studies on Palmyra Palm extract are only conducted on animal sources, there being difficulties in conducting qualitative researches on live humans, many experts say that the health claims on Palmyra Palm extract are most probably accurate, as proven by quantitative studies. There are also no side effects associated with Palmyra Palm extract use, except mild symptoms with overdose.

What is Palmyra Palm extract?

The Borassus Aethiopum tree generally grows in various regions across Africa and Southeast Asia. The extract of tree is typically isolated through strict laboratory procedures to ensure purity and prevent contamination. Added into health supplements, Borassus Aethiopum or Palmyra Palm extract is proven to improve overall wellness through different activated patterns. Most clinical studies on the extract are focused on determining whether or not it can help prevent progression and development of cancer cells in the human body. Some studies show that the compounds in Borassus Aethiopum extract effectively slow down cancer cell growth in the early stages of the disease process. These findings are, however, subject to in-depth clinical researches.

What are the benefits of using Palmyra Palm extract?

Health supplements containing adequate doses of Palmyra Palm extract are claimed to provide the following health benefits:

  • It can help treat skin disorders

Skin diseases including leprosy and eczema are shown to be treated with Palmyra Palm extract supplementation. The extract helps nourish the skin and maintain moisture, thereby improving overall skin health. It also helps prevent skin infections by helping reduce microbial growth. These health claims are conducted only on animal subjects, requiring deeper studies to establish claims. There are also limited findings as to the effects of Palmyra Palm extract in healing superficial skin wounds.

  • It has antioxidant properties

Some of the compounds found in Palmyra Palm extract are shown to have antioxidant properties, making the extract a good health supplement ingredient for detoxification and cancer prevention purposes. Antioxidants in Palmyra Palm extract helps eliminate toxic chemicals in the human body to prevent genetic mutations in body cells.

  • It has anti-inflammatory effects

The Palmyra Palm extract is also believed to contribute to inflammation control on animal subjects. Since the health claim is only newly-discovered, only a few studies support the finding.


There are many health benefits associated with Palmyra Palm extract supplementation. For purposes of medicine production, however, Palmyra Palm extract still requires more intensive medical evidences.

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