Neem leaves powder: The Overall Cure for Microbial Growth

Neem leaves powder

Neem leaves powder: The Overall Cure for Microbial Growth

In ancient Indian alternative medicine, the enhancement of overall functions of the integumentary system is one of the primary goals of healthcare. With this goal in mind, early practitioners of medicine development medicines from the Indian herb Neem. Studies show that various parts of the herb contain high amounts of essential compounds which are useful in the enhancement of overall wellness. The leaves of the herb specifically contains nutrients, vitamins and minerals which enhance not only skin health, hair health and other integuments of the body but also prevents development of Diabetes Mellitus, a serious medical condition affecting a great proportion of the modern day population. Several studies are currently being conducted on Neem leaves powder and its effects in the human body following findings that it may have certain effects in the control of ulcerations or the healing of wounds. Despite its effectiveness in improving overall health, Neem leaves powder must be taken only within recommended doses.

What is Neem leaves powder?

Modern manufacturers of health supplement products include Neem leaves powder in their formulations not only because it is useful for skin health but also because it is claimed to have effects in the organs inside the body. In one study, it was found that Neem leaves powder may be quite useful in controlling signs and symptoms of Type II DM, of the lifestyle-associated form of Diabetes Mellitus. According to the study, Neem leaves powder effectively improves the effects of insulin among animal subjects. This claim is, however, still subject to confirmatory researches as most studies are only conducted on animal subjects. Experts are currently discovering whether the health supplement ingredient Neem leaves powder is useful in promoting production of insulin by the pancreas in persons suffering from Type I Diabetes Mellitus. Experts also say that Neem leaves powder should not be used alone to treat Diabetes.

What are the benefits of using Neem leaves powder?

The health benefits of using Neem leaves powder include the following:

1. It may prevent development of dandruff

Several studies show that Neem leaves powder supplementation may be beneficial in the treatment of dandruff which is often affecting modern day youngsters and adults. Some manufacturers of shampoos and other hair care products also include Neem leaves powder in their formulations for this purpose.

2. It may prevent tooth decay

Teeth decay because of rapid increase in the number of microorganisms in the oral cavity. Studies reveal that Neem leaves powder possesses antibacterial, antiviral and overall antimicrobial properties, thereby preventing microbial growth and preventing tooth decay.

3. It may prevent acne and pimples

The development of acne and pimples is brought about by microbial growth in the skin. According to researches, Neem leaves powder supplementation may be useful in the preventing acne development as it prevents microbial spread.


Modern day scientists say that Neem leaves powder are indeed useful to health. However, it is important to remember that Neem leaves powder must be taken only within recommended doses. Also, persons who are suffering from allergic reactions to the ingredient must seek consultation prior to use.

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