Chicory root extract: The Root Source for Healthy Microbiota Levels

Chicory root extract

Chicory root extract: The Root Source for Healthy Microbiota Levels

Nutrient absorption and overall wellness begins with a healthy digestive tract. Aside from healthy intestinal peristalsis, maintaining normal flora levels in the intestinal tract is essential in improving digestive tract system. There are many food sources which are shown to help regulate good and bad bacteria levels in the intestines but there is no herb as useful as Chicory root when it comes to microbiota regulation. In several health studies, experts have established that a certain compound in the health supplement ingredient Chicory root extract is quite effective in regulating good bacteria levels in the gastrointestinal tract. The compound which has been isolated from the extract is known as Inulin. Normally, the body does not digest inulin when it enters the digestive tract due to lack of enzymes that break the compound down. When it reaches the intestines, however, it works by promoting microbiota levels. Improved good bacteria levels helps enhance overall digestive function, thereby promoting metabolism, nutrient absorption and other bodily processes.

What is Chicory root extract?

Chicory root extract is derived from the roots of the nutrient-dense herbal source Chicory. While most health researches on Chicory root extract involve providing observations on its effects in improving digestive tract health, modern clinical studies reveal that the health advantages of using Chicory root extract is not limited to the gastrointestinal tract. In one study, it has been found that Chicory root extract supplementation may also be useful in reducing stress levels and controlling dangerous effects of increased stress in body cells. It is also observed to control cortisol levels, thereby preventing stress-associated weight gain. Although not yet fully proven, some experts say that Chicory root extract may also be used in controlling weight among obese and overweight individuals. Chicory root extract may be safely taken without risks within recommended doses.

What are the benefits of using Chicory root extract supplements?

Taking health supplements with Chicory root extract is ideal for many reasons. The following are other specific benefits of using Chicory root extract:

1. It may reduce Diabetes Type II risk

Among the major causes of Diabetes Type II is the significant reduction in adinopectin levels. This is because adinopectin is necessary in the breakdown of glucose in the cells. Studies reveal that patients who undergo Chicory root extract supplementation have higher adinopectin levels as compared to placebo group, thereby reducing DM Type II risk.

2. It helps control cholesterol levels

The high-fiber content of Chicory root extract is also useful in controlling cholesterol levels among individual users, as established in various health studies. This benefit may help reduce risk for heart conditions.

3. It may help treat eczema

Experts are still currently looking into the exact physiological effects of Chicory root extract on the skin but it has been observed in several researches that the extract may help treat eczema.


Aside from digestive health enhancement, Chicory root extract promotes wellness by improving metabolism, reducing heart disease risk and preventing Diabetes Mellitus Type II. It is an ideal component of every modern health supplement.

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