Neuromodulation through Oxidized disulfide: Oxiglutatione


Neuromodulation through Oxidized disulfide: Oxiglutatione

Being the oxidized disulfide form of the essential compound glutathione, Oxiglutatione is believed to contribute several health benefits to the human body. The compound is considered a recent discovery in the pharmacologic field but its effects, which are mostly associated with its unoxidized form glutathione, has long been recognized not only in modern medicine but also in alternative health practices. Oxiglutatione is primarily signified for its protective activities against several cell-damaging elements. More recent studies reveal, however, that the compound may be associated with more important health effects necessary for sustenance of life such as the prevention of cancer cell growth.

What is Oxiglutatione?

Oxiglutatione is a compound derived from two glutathione molecules. It is commonly known as Glutathione disulphide or GSSG and can be converted from antioxidants such as peroxiredoxins and enzymes like glutaredoxins. Its original form, glutathione, is naturally-occurring in the human body but is usually supplemented through isolation from various sources such as in fruits and vegetables. The inclusion of Oxiglutatione in health supplements formulation is a recent advancement in the field and as of today, there are no reported side effects of using the compound within doctor-recommended doses.

What are the benefits of using Oxiglutatione?

The compound Oxiglutatione is potentially helpful as it is readily absorbed in its activated form. While most of its health benefits are related to glutathione, some scientists say that it may contribute to health in several unique ways. The health benefits associated with Oxiglutatione are the following:

  • It may enhance cell and tissue repair

Cell and tissue damage brought about by factors including trauma and exposure to toxic compounds is believed to be treated through the binding effects of Oxiglutatione. The compound is found to enhance the production of certain enzymes necessary for tissue repair as well as protein elements to build up cells. Most of the studies supporting this claim are conducted only on animal subjects.

  • It may strengthen the immune system

There is very little to no understanding as to how Oxiglutatione helps strengthen the immune system but several studies conducted to support the claim has made conclusions that the compound may indeed boost immunity. Rich sources of supplemental Oxiglutatione have long been used in ancient medicine for various immune system disorder symptoms such as fever and inflammations.

  • It may work as a neuromodulator

Neuromodulators are substances, other than neurotransmitters, released by the brain which aid in the regulation of neurons and several body functions. In a 2006 study, it was found that the compound Oxiglutatione may work as an endogenous neuromodulator to help maintain body functions and prevent neuron degeneration.


Not only does Oxiglutatione have unique array of health effects but it can also contribute to health benefits associated with glutathione. Oxiglutatione is also considered a safe drug as long as it is used not beyond regular doses.

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