N,N-Dimethylglycerine HCl : Strengthening Immunity Aiding Weight Loss

N,N-Dimethylglycerine HCl

N,N-Dimethylglycerine HCl : Strengthening Immunity Aiding Weight Loss

Health compounds that boost immunity and supporting rapid metabolism are primarily favored in dietary supplement formulations as they target two important bodily processes. One of the few compounds which amazingly provide these necessary benefits is the amino acid element known as DMG-HCl or N,N-Dimethylglycerine HCl. The compound has been in existence in the field of health science for several decades. Its use, however, as a food additive has been banned in Chicago in the 1980’s due to health risks and issues. With the advent of modern clinical researches, experts were able to establish safe recommended doses for DMG-HCl use. Today, the compound can be used within recommended doses without causing dangerous adverse reactions in dietary supplement formulations.

What is DMG-HCl?

N,N-DimethylglycerineHCl or DMG-HCl is a naturally-occurring compound in the human body. It is found in trace amounts in the body but is shown to support several vital functions necessary for survival. The interest on DMG-HCl rapidly rose upon the claim that it may help support weight loss and weight management among obese and overweight individuals. Several dietary supplements for weight loss now contain amounts of DMG-HCl, although no scientific studies are yet available to explain how it exactly works. Athletes and bodybuilders are also recommended by some physicians to take DMG-HCl as it is believed to provide high levels of energy for long periods of time during exercise and workout sessions.

What are the benefits of using DMG-HCl?

Since the compound helps support several vital functions, it is indicated for most age groups, except those who are suffering from serious medical conditions. Some of the known benefits of taking DMG-HCl supplements, according to experts, include the following:

  1. It may prevent disease occurrences

In several studies, it was discovered that the compound DMG-HCl plays a significant role in enhancing immune system reactions. Strengthening immunity and disease resistance through DMG-HCl supplementation is believed to help prevent occurrences of various conditions including those associated with infections and inflammations. Auto-immune diseases or those which are associated with the immune system responses itself are also said to be controlled with DMG-HCl supplementation.

  1. It may work against children’s mental disorders

Mental dysfunctions among children which include autism and Attention-deficit hyperactive disease are believed to be controlled with DMG-HCl supplementation. The compound, however, only helps manage occurrences of symptoms which include irritability, erratic behaviour and lack of attention span. It is not intended to cure the disease itself.

  1. It boosts metabolism

Animal subject studies have shown massive changes in the metabolism of mice when subjected to DMG-HCl supplementation. Increased metabolic rate is highly contributory to weight loss effects, obesity prevention and potential treatment to atherosclerosis and other fat-associated cardiovascular conditions.


DMG-HCl can help prevent occurrences of various health conditions. Its supplementation is highly ideal for individuals of all ages.

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