Nuciferine for Weight Loss and Anxiety Treatment


Nuciferine for Weight Loss and Anxiety Treatment

The ability of plants to defend themselves from invading microorganisms, according to several studies, is brought about by certain compounds found in their nutritional profile which effectively reduce bacterial growth and fight off plant illnesses. With the aim of transmitting this ability from plants to humans, experts have been conducting researches on how to isolate essential disease-fighting compounds in plants to humans without associated risks. Among the compounds which is said to help prevent diseases in plants is Nuciferine. It is commonly isolated from Lotus leaves and is believed to be primarily responsible for the many health effects of taking Lotus extract supplements. Nuciferine is specifically effective in promoting fat decomposition. As an effect, experts believe that taking Nuciferine, when combined with other health supplement compounds which promote metabolism, is quite advantageous among obese and overweight individuals.

What is Nuciferine?

Nuciferine is essentially a plant alkaloid compound having potential actions similar to dopamine receptor blockade. It is associated with many health effects which are mostly related to the cholesterol profile reduction and control of triglyceride levels. Many individuals in the modern generation are in need of effective cholesterol and triglyceride control as the increase in levels of these elements in the blood can result to serious health conditions. Nuciferine helps reduce cholesterol and help regulate blood lipid levels, thereby preventing health conditions such as Diabetes Mellitus Type II, atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular health conditions. It is also said that the compound Nuciferine may contribute to effective weight loss, especially when combined with exercise and adaption of healthy diet.

What are the benefits of using Nuciferine?

The compound Nuciferine is very useful among elderly individuals who are diagnosed with certain health conditions and adults who are at risk for lifestyle-associated diseases. Some other health benefits of using Nuciferine include the following:

  1. It may reduce blood pressure

By maintaining a healthy lipid profile and preventing accumulation of fat molecules in the blood vessels, experts say that Nuciferine supplementation results to reduction in blood pressure. The effect, however, is not immediately observable but requires long-term supplementation.

  1. It may induce sedation

Taking Nuciferine may also be useful among individuals who are suffering from severe anxiety. Experts have observed that patients who are subjected to Nuciferine supplementation manifest lesser tension and appear to be more relaxed.

  1. It may prevent strokes

Strokes and heart attacks brought about by defective fat metabolism can be prevented before it gets risky with Nuciferine supplementation, as claimed by experts in various studies.


Not only is Nuciferine effective but it is also shown to be safe for individual use. It must be taken within recommended doses only.

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