The Ancient Civilization’s Anti-aging Secret: Horsetail extract

Horsetail extract

The Ancient Civilization’s Anti-aging Secret: Horsetail extract

The latest researches on botanical plants reveal the association between Horsetail extract and hair growth. Although the extract is used widely in the field of medicine for various purposes, most formulations for dietary products include Horsetail extract for the claim that it may prevent appearance of early signs of aging and prevent skin damage. There are several advanced studies being conducted today to determine the feasibility of some other claims on the health benefits of Horsetail extract. While most claims on the extract’s uses fall short of human confirmatory tests, a lot of experts are fully convinced that the extract may indeed work for better health.

What is Horsetail extract?

The name Horsetail is taken from the appearance of the plant’s rhizomatous stem which looks like the tail of a horse. The plant has been used in alternative medicine practices for centuries among Greeks, Chinese and Romans even with the absence of concrete medical proofs as to its effects. With the advent of modern science, however, it was revealed under derivative and phytochemical studies that the extract of Horsetail contains high quantities of tannins, alkaloids, glycosides, phenolic acids and even silica. The active components of Horsetail extract are typically isolated for independent medical formulations but for dietary supplement production, the extract itself without distinguishing individual components are being included.

Horsetail extract’s benefits for individual users

Using horsetail extract health supplements may promote wellness and prevent rapid body cell degeneration. It is claimed to help improve health by providing the following health benefits to individual users:

  1. It is an antimicrobial agent

Controlling microbial growth is the general function of synthetic antibiotic drugs but due to possibility of super infections when the medicines are taken beyond the recommended period, their use is subjected to prescription. Experts say that the healthier way of controlling microbial growth is through the use of antibacterial herbal agents like Horsetail extract. The compounds found in Horsetail extract are shown to reduce growth of various microorganisms without risking the individual user’s health for sudden microbial super growth. It is, however, not quite potential against fungi.

  1. It is a diuretic agent

Studies also claim that Horsetail extract may work as a diuretic agent by promoting reversion of fluid in the interstitial spaces of the cells into the vascular regions of the body. In one research, experts claim that it works as effectively as some known diuretic drugs, although it does not cause similar adverse effects. It can be indicated for individuals suffering from kidney disorders who are experiencing long-term edema but it must be taken only with physician’s advice.

  1. It may promote integumentary health

The integuments of the body may also be sufficiently nourished with Horsetail extract supplementation as the extract contains high amounts of phytonutrients which enhance skin and hair health. This benefit may be noticeable however after several doses.


Not only is Horsetail extract useful in the medical field but it is also useful in the field of beauty products manufacture. In-depth clinical studies are necessary, however, to fully establish health claims.

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