Zinc gluconate dihydrate: The Hormone Level Equalizer for Men and Women

Zinc gluconate dihydrate

Zinc gluconate dihydrate: The Hormone Level Equalizer for Men and Women

The cancer-fighting compound Zinc has been formulated with different forms of compounds to help increase its bioavailability and to facilitate its absorption in the bloodstream the best way possible. Hence, zinc salt has been added to gluconic acid, thereby producing the common health supplement ingredient Zinc gluconate dihydrate. Studies have long been conducted to fully understand how Zinc gluconate dihydrate may improve wellness without posing risks to individual users. With the many known benefits of using Zinc gluconate dihydrate, experts highly recommend its inclusion in many supplement products indicated for both men and women. It is said to have effects in enhancing functions of the immune system, the metabolism process, the cardiovascular system, and even the nervous system. In one study, it was also found that Zinc gluconate dihydrate may have effects in improving fertility, thereby making it ideal in the promotion of reproductive health.

What is Zinc gluconate dihydrate?

The health supplement ingredient Zinc gluconate dihydrate is used in many formulations as it is quite beneficial in improving bodily function from cellular level to the organ system levels. According to studies, the use of Zinc gluconate dihydrate may promote cellular health primarily as it helps cleanse body cells from circulating free radicals or those compounds which are not normally eliminated by the body easily, and thereby destroys body cells and may even cause mutations. The oxidizing or detoxifying effects of Zinc gluconate dihydrate is said to contribute to its ability to prevent cancer development as the most accepted potential pathophysiologic pattern of cancer is associated with cellular mutations due to accumulation of free radicals. Although this claim is not yet fully understood, many experts are convinced that it may have a foundational basis.

What are the other benefits of using Zinc gluconate dihydrate?

Aside from preventing cancers, the use of Zinc gluconate dihydrate may provide other benefits. These benefits include the following:

  1. It promotes body tissue development

Zinc is necessary in the growth and development processes of the human body. This is the reason why it is said that lack of zinc may result to stunted growth and delayed development. According to studies, Zinc gluconate dihydrate may have effects in promoting body tissue development, thereby promoting faster wound healing.

  1. It might help relieve PMS

Pre-menstrual symptoms manifest through back pains and other pains from various parts of the body. Studies reveal that Zinc gluconate dihydrate may have certain effects in preventing severe manifestations of PMS as it increases blood flow towards the uterine area.

  1. It may help increase testosterone production

One of the latest studies on Zinc gluconate dihydrate shows that it may have potential effects in increasing testosterone levels, thereby improving sexual health among male users. It is not indicated, however, in the treatment of premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunctions and other conditions not associated with low testosterone levels.


Zinc gluconate dihydrate is highly recommended for use among men and women as it improves health and wellness in several different ways without causing side effects, except when taken in high doses.

Short description

Zinc gluconate dihydrate is a potential health supplement ingredient for male and female supplement products. Studies show that the compound is useful in the promotion of body tissue development. It may also improve hormonal balance, thereby preventing PMS in women and low testosterone problems in male users.

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