Viburnum Bark powder: Better Immunity and Cancer Prevention

Viburnum Bark powder

Viburnum Bark powder: Better Immunity and Cancer Prevention

Aside from being a rich source of Vitamin C which is very useful in preventing illnesses and strengthening the immune system, pharmacodynamic researches show that the health supplement ingredient Viburnum Bark powder contains high amounts of antioxidants. This having been established by many health studies, experts believe that Viburnum Bark powder may be a potential cure and preventive measure for cancers of various types. Antioxidants in Viburnum Bark powder work by cleansing body cells and eliminating toxic compounds that have accumulated within cell pockets for several years. As a result, optimum cellular function is achieved and many bodily processes improve. Studies also show that antioxidant supplementation through Viburnum Bark powder intake may improve overall structure and function of bodily organs. Although it is believed that Viburnum Bark powder is beneficial to health, experts say that it must be taken only within doses recommended by experts.

What is Viburnum Bark powder?

Viburnum Bark is also commonly known as Cramp bark. It has been used in the field of alternative medicine for thousands of years, although studies on it and its potential uses in the human body have only began in the recent years. In the early days, Viburnum Bark is primarily used by ancient medical practitioners in the treatment of inflammatory conditions including arthritis and symptoms associated with menstrual periods. It has also been used in the control of chronic pain brought about by factors which are usually of unknown etiologies. Experts have found in a study conducted in the mid years of 1960’s to 1970’s that Viburnum Bark powder supplementation may also be useful in the control of muscle spasms. As a direct benefit, it may then help treat menstrual cramps and low back pain secondary to muscle inflammation. Today, several expert groups are conducting studies to fully establish various health claims associated with the use of Viburnum Bark powder.

What are the benefits of using Viburnum Bark powder?

Taking Viburnum Bark powder may provide the following benefits:

  1. It may help lower blood pressure

The claim on Viburnum Bark powder being a potential hypertension cure has been observed in certain quantitative researches. However, there are no existing qualitative studies showing how Viburnum Bark powder works in reducing blood pressure.

  1. It may be used against tension headaches

Tension headaches are also caused by contraction of certain muscles in the head due to various factors including stress. By preventing excessive muscle contraction and cramping, experts say that Viburnum Bark powder may have effects in reducing tension headaches.

  1. It may have effects in preventing infections

In several recently conducted studies, it was found that some microorganisms are reactive against Viburnum Bark powder, thus, it may be used in preventing infections. Studies also show that Viburnum Bark powder may strengthen immunity.


Although it is established to be very beneficial, many experts say that Viburnum Bark powder should not be used by pregnant women unless recommended by their experts. This is to avoid possible side effects.

Short description

Viburnum Bark powder is a beneficial supplement ingredient which has long been used in the field of alternative medicine. Studies show that it contains high amounts of Vitamin C and antioxidants which are useful in preventing development of cancers. Viburnum Bark powder is effective in improving immune system.

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