Lemon Balm extract: A Cardiac Rhythm Enhancer for Stress

Lemon Balm extract

Lemon Balm extract: A Cardiac Rhythm Enhancer for Stress

Stress and anxiety-related conditions affect the body negatively in so many different ways. These conditions may be treated with cognition and behavioral therapies but according to latest researches, taking calming herbs through health supplement extract may enhance the effects of ordinary treatment. One of the most popular calming herbs in the middle ages is Lemon Balm herb. It has been used in the treatment of nervousness and severe anxiety among individuals during prehistoric times, as revealed in human history studies. It has also been used to treat insomnia, although the exact mechanism of action of its compound components is not yet fully understood. Some experts say that Lemon Balm extract in modern health supplements may work by improving production of neurotransmitters in the brain. Hormonal-related patterns are also being considered as a primary mode of action of the extract. Lemon Balm extract supplementation is one of the best ways to improve overall cognitive health.

What is Lemon Balm extract?

Lemon Balm extract is derived from the perennial plant Lemon balm. The plant source is usually grown in many parts of the world as it is believed to contribute to a lot of health benefits. Aside from being a good health supplement component, Lemon Balm extract may also be used in the production of toothpastes and perfume oils for purposes of driving-off insects. It may also be made into a tea for effective calming. Lemon Balm extract is very useful in improving various processes occurring within the human body. It has been shown in recent studies to be useful in the treatment of headaches and nerve pains which are usually of unknown etiologies. Today, health practitioners promote the use of Lemon Balm extract to help treat various illnesses from simple body aches to serious cancer growths.

What are the benefits of using Lemon Balm extract?

Supplementing Lemon Balm extract can provide many benefits to individual users of whatever age. The following are some of the uses of Lemon Balm extract:

1.It may lower triglyceride levels

Triglycerides, cholesterol and fat are among the culprits for serious medical conditions of the heart and the metabolic system. In a 2016 study, it has been shown that Lemon Balm extract may help reduce triglyceride levels among animal subjects. Experts believe that the effect is similar among humans.

2.It may regulate cardiac rhythm

Irregular cardiac rhythm results to conditions like arrhythmia and dysrhythmias. While not quite serious in the early stages, frequent irregularities in cardiac rhythm may result to deadly heart problems. Taking Lemon Balm extract supplements, according to studies, may be helpful in regulating heart rhythm.

3.It helps improve mood

The mood-enhancing effects of Lemon Balm extract has been observed among age groups and individual groups who are frequently experiencing mood swings due to hormonal imbalances. Lemon Balm extract effectively improves mood among menopausal women and the elderly.


Lemon Balm extract targets the nervous system, along with other major organ systems in the body like the cardiovascular system. It is very useful for modern day individuals who are at risk for stress-related conditions.

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