Ethyl Vanillin: The Synthetic Vanillin for a Better Health

Ethyl Vanillin

Ethyl Vanillin: The Synthetic Vanillin for a Better Health

Vanilla has long been used in the culinary fields due to its strong flavor and odor. In the early days of the 1870’s, scientists have formulated a compound which is stronger in odor and flavor than vanilla known as Ethyl Vanillin. The compound has then been used in the making of various food products, as well as in other industries including the health supplement formulation field. Studies have shown that excessive doses of Ethyl Vanillin for long periods of time, specifically, more than 6 months, can be dangerous as it causes toxic side effects including acute respiratory distress syndrome. Studies are also being conducted to fully understand the dangerous effects of Ethyl Vanillin in the human body. However, according to experts, Ethyl Vanillin supplementation can be beneficial if taken within low doses, as recommended by physicians. It must be used with caution among patients with ongoing diagnosed illnesses.

What is Ethyl Vanillin?

The compound Ethyl Vanillin is a synthetic form of the naturally-occurring flavoring agent Vanilla. It is a white to yellowish crystalline powder which can be used instead of Vanillin. Because it is of almost similar molecular structure as that of Vanillin, experts believe that the health benefits of using Ethyl Vanillin are almost similar to that of Vanillin. Animal studies have long shown toxic effects of using Ethyl Vanillin, making it not ideal for health supplementation in the past few decades. However, following confirmatory studies that Ethyl Vanillin at very low doses are more beneficial than being dangerous, many experts have recommended the use of the compound in health supplement formulations. Today, many manufacturers of modern health supplement products include low doses of Ethyl Vanillin in their formulations in order to improve health and wellness without causing serious side effects.

What are the benefits of using Ethyl Vanillin?

The following are some of the proposed benefits of using Ethyl Vanillin, as provided in some quantitative researches:

  • It may fight cancer cells

Vanillin has long been known as a potential cancer-fighting agent. Some experts say that the synthetic form Ethyl Vanillin may also fight off cancers when taken in relatively low doses. This claim is still subject to deeper clinical researches.

  • It helps detoxify body cells

Ethyl Vanillin may also be helpful in eliminating toxins in the body cells, thereby improving overall body function. This is because it is an antioxidant agent, as explained by some experts in the field of pharmacodynamics.

  • It has antimicrobial properties

Just like Vanillin, Ethyl Vanillin may also possess antimicrobial properties. This means that it might fight off microorganisms and prevent excessive growth in their numbers. This effect prevents infections and many other illnesses.


Ethyl Vanillin is a helpful compound when used in low doses. It might be dangerous, however, when taken in very high doses. Experts believe that it may also prevent cancer cell growth.

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