Inositol: The Pseudo-Vitamin Nutrient for Better Mental Health


Inositol: The Pseudo-Vitamin Nutrient for Better Mental Health

Known widely as a vitamin-like substance, the compound Inositol has been used widely in the development of health supplement formulations indicated for individuals suffering from various metabolic and mental conditions. There is no concrete explanation as to how the compound generally works in the human body as it is already naturally-occurring but many experts believe that it plays vital roles in major bodily processes. Supplementing Inositol has been shown to provide a wide range of health benefits, especially in enhancing mood among anxious and depressed patients. Individuals who are suffering from Diabetes Mellitus, Cancers and other diseases associated with lifestyle are also said to find benefit with Inositol supplementation, especially in long-term treatment.

What is Inositol?

The compound Inositol is naturally present in the human body. It has almost the same molecular structure as glucose and is shown to be effective in treating mood-disorders. High doses of the compound, however, are necessary for purposes of probable treatment. The pseudo-vitamin Inositol, which was first classified as belonging to the B-vitamin family, is mostly isolated from various food sources including citrus fruits and whole grains. Although the compound still lacks recognition in various regions such as the US, many health experts say that it is indeed effective, following health claims under scientific studies.

Health Benefits of using Inositol

Inositol supplementation is very helpful among high-risk adults or those who are most likely to develop lifestyle-associated conditions. It may also be effective among elderly individuals and younger persons who are typically suffering from psychological conditions. The following are specific claims on the potential health effects of using Inositol:

  • It lowers cholesterol levels

On its own, the compound Inositol may have very little significance in terms of lowering cholesterol levels in the human body but when it is combined with the naturally-occurring compound known as choline, it produces another compound known as lecithin which plays a very important role in fat and cholesterol level control. Lecithin effectively breaks down fats which have accumulated in blood vessels. It also reduces triglyceride and LDL levels to prevent development of several cardiovascular disorders.

  • It can treat constipation

Patients who are always experiencing constipation are expected to find relief with Inositol supplementation as the compound is shown to enhance muscle contraction in the intestines, thereby enhancing peristaltic movement. Studies show that a lack of certain nutrients including Inositol may lead to constipation as it causes severe relaxation of the digestive pathway.

  • It works against mental disorders

Various conditions associated with problems with mental health including Anxiety and Depression, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Schizophrenia and Binge eating are said to be treated with Inositol supplementation. The compound, however, is only intended to be an adjunct treatment, not the major pharmacologic management option.


Taking health supplements containing Inositol is very advantageous. There are no side effects associated with the use of the compound but it must be taken with caution among patients who are taking other medications.

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