Soybean extract: Longer Vitality through Hormonal Stability

Soybean extract

Soybean extract: Longer Vitality through Hormonal Stability

Foods with very high nutritional value are usually subjected to various processes to isolate health compounds and use them in the manufacture of health supplements. Among the most popular health supplement ingredient sources which have been used even before the rise of super foods and other phytonutrient bases is soybean. When gathered, soybeans are made into extract powders through advanced laboratory procedures. As long as the powder is not contaminated, Soybean extract powder is believed to provide widespread health benefits from ordinary diarrhea or constipation to the most complicated health conditions such as Diabetes Mellitus and Cancers.

What is Soybean extract powder?

Soybean extract powder is one of the most common soy products. Since the beginning of the rise of alternative medical treatments, soybean extract powder has been on top of the list of the safest and most efficient benefit sources. Soybeans are known to be rich sources of isoflavones and phytoestrogens which promote overall vitality through different mechanisms of actions. Although the pharmacodynamic effects of Soybean extract powder are not yet fully understood, the use of the ingredient in various health supplement formulations is highly advisable for its safety and efficiency as proven in quantitative studies.

Health benefits of using Soybean extract powder

The development of advanced methods in clinical studies has led to the discovery of many benefits associated with Soybean extract powder health supplement use. While most of the findings are established through animal-subject studies, experts say that taking Soybean extract powder within recommended doses can be risk-free as it is also a natural food source.

The following are some of the known health benefits of using Soybean extract powder:

  • It may improve hormonal balance

Unknown to users of Soybean extract powder supplements, the active compounds of the ingredients primarily provide benefits by improving hormonal balance. Hormones are dictators of the body’s regular activities. Irregularities in hormonal balance and production can lead to various diseases including Pre-menstrual symptoms and some cancers. By improving hormonal balance, Soybean extract powder effectively promotes overall health and vitality.

  • It may reduce cholesterol

Cholesterol levels can also be lowered to prevent cardiovascular collapse and serious medical conditions through Soybean extract powder supplementation, according to studies. Since the early times, Soybean has been used in the treatment of hypercholesterolemia. Lowering cholesterol levels is also associated with the prevention of obesity and promotion of weight loss as provided in certain studies.

  • It may prevent cancer

Isoflavones found in Soybean extract powder are also known to be potential cancer-fighting compounds which works primarily by eliminating free radicals circulating in the blood and lodge in the body cells. It does not, however, specifically treat cancer.


The active components of Soybean extract powder are powerful phytonutrients for purposes of vitality improvement. Although they can be used individually, collective use of Soybean extract powder is more advisable for better efficiency.

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