Mocan leaf extract: The Non-addictive Psychostimulant

Mocan leaf extract

Mocan leaf extract: The Non-addictive Psychostimulant

When it comes to the powerful medicinal plant Mocan or Visnea Mocanera, a lot of scientists are on the crossroads in determining whether to promote the use of the herb in health supplement formulations or not. Although the plant Mocan can contribute several health benefits and may synergize effects of other health supplement ingredients, it has been established to fall within the category of endangered herbal species. Many regions across the world are now beginning to cultivate Mocan to increase production and use the herb in health supplement manufacture. With the rise of awareness on the potential health uses of Mocan, experts say that it can be one of the greatest contributions of traditional medicine in the field of modern medicine.

What is Mocan leaf extract?

Various parts of the Mocan herb can be used for purposes of medicine production under traditional healthcare practices. Phytochemical studies show, however, that the leaves of the herb yields highest amounts of health compounds essential for maintenance and enhancement of overall well-being. Following extraction procedures, Mocan leaf extract is included in health supplement formulations, along with other herbal ingredients to provide various health benefits to individual users. It was, however, established in some studies that long-term Mocan leaf extract supplementation is necessary for enhanced wellness as it has no immediate effects.

What are the uses of Mocan leaf extract?

Many studies are being conducted today to fully establish how Mocan leaf extract works and how it may improve overall wellness. Most health studies are conducted only on animal subjects such as mice and rats, there being challenges with the use of actual human subjects. Clinical researches show that the Mocan leaf extract can provide the following health benefits:

  • It has psycho-stimulant effects

Similar to coffee and other stimulant drugs, experts say that a given dose of Mocan leaf extract can provide psycho-stimulant effects to individual users. It is, however, more ideal as compared to other stimulant sources as it is not associated with addiction side effects. Mice subjects injected with Mocan leaf extract are shown to manifest intensified locomotion activity and reduced sleeping time. As a common side effect, however, the psycho-stimulant effects of the extract may increase anxiety.

  • It has antioxidant properties

Some of the compounds found in Mocan leaf extract are also shown to have antioxidant properties. With these compounds, experts say that Mocan leaf extract may help prevent cancer cell growth and development while enhancing detoxification health effects.

  • It may enhance wound healing

A study conducted to determine the effects of Mocan leaf extract on bleeding time shows that the active compounds found in the extract may help enhance wound healing rate. This finding establishes one of the most common traditional uses of Mocan leaf extract.


There are limited evidentiary studies on Mocan leaf extract health claims but many experts are convinced as to its safety and efficiency. It is also established to have low toxicity among humans.

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