Morinda officinalis extract: The Yellowish-Gray Root for Sexual Health

Morinda officinalis extract

Morinda officinalis extract: The Yellowish-Gray Root for Sexual Health

In order to enjoy the many health benefits of using Morinda officinalis or Ba ji tian, a well-known yellowish gray root, it may be eaten when stir fried or taken in the form of health supplements. Modern experts usually advise patients with infertility problems and those with conditions affecting the reproductive system to take Morinda officinalis extract as it is known since time immemorial to be useful in promoting overall reproductive health in both men and women. Individual researches reveal that Morinda officinalis extract probably works by improving hormonal production, thereby improving functions of the brain and the reproductive system in terms of physiology. It is also believed to control excessive bodily reactions during heightened hormonal release such as during menstruation among women, thereby preventing symptoms including menstrual cramps. Recent researches have shown that Morinda officinalis extract is useful not only in enhancing reproductive health but also in improving other functions of the human body.

What is Morinda officinalis extract?

For thousands of years, traditional medical treatments have included Morinda officinalis extract in typical treatment measures as it is observed to treat sexual health problems. The interest on Morinda officinalis extract began when it was shown to help treat problems associated with menstruation, including irregularities in menstrual flow and menstrual pain. Pharmacodynamic studies on Morinda officinalis extract reveal that it contains several compounds that are useful not only in promoting reproductive health but also in enhancing overall wellness as well. It may also be used in treating depression which is both hormonal and neurotransmitter-linked. The exact mechanisms of action of Morinda officinalis extract are not yet fully known under modern scientific research but many experts say that it can be used safely as it is backed with various quantitative researches on several laboratory fields.

What are the benefits of taking Morinda officinalis extract supplements?

Other than enhancing overall sexual or reproductive health, Morinda officinalis extract also promotes general health as it targets many other organ systems of the human body. The following are some of the benefits of using Morinda officinalis extract:

  1. It may reduce blood pressure

Blood pressure regulation is among the nonhormone-associated benefits of using Morinda officinalis extract supplements. Patients with increased blood pressure may take Morinda officinalis extract supplements, along with specific maintenance medications, provided that it is with physician’s advice.

  1. It works as an adaptogenic

As an adaptogenic agent, Morinda officinalis extract supplements are also believed to be useful in reducing stress-related conditions. It may also help in regulating bodily processes during acute changes brought about by illness or environmental changes.

  1. It may boost immunity

Many compounds in Morinda officinalis extract are also believed to be useful in improving overall immunity as it improves function of the immune system and other specific bodily defense against illnesses.


Morinda officinalis extract is an extraordinary compound not only in terms of sexual health enhancement but also in improving overall immunity. Studies show that Morinda officinalis extract may also help improve mood and treat depression. It may also work as an adaptogenic agent.

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