Salicin: Aspirin-Like Compound With no Aspirin-like Side effects


Salicin: Aspirin-Like Compound With no Aspirin-like Side effects

Known to be the secret behind the miraculous healing powers of Willow Bark, the compound Salicin has become the subject of many health researches to determine its ability to promote overall health and wellness through potential aspirin-like benefits. Since 1829, alternative medical practitioners have used Willow Bark in the treatment of various disorders. It was only recently, however, when laboratory practitioners were able to isolate Salicin from the plant. There are certain researches showing potential risks of using Salicin but when used within recommended doses at regular intervals, experts say that Salicin health supplement use is generally safe and effective.

What is Salicin?

Salicin is primarily classified as an alcoholic glycoside compound named after Willow or Salix bark. It is mostly studied upon for its similarity in terms of health effects as that of the drug aspirin. Unlike aspirin, however, there are no evidences as to the blood-thinning effects of Salicin, making it an appropriate replacement for the drug among users with bleeding tendencies. Salicin has become among the prime components of modern health supplements as there are no dangerous side effects associated with its regular use. For individuals who are suffering from certain metabolic conditions as well as women who are pregnant or lactating, use of health supplements containing Salicin must be with physician’s advice as it may cause interactions with many medications.

What are the benefits of using Salicin?

Aside from providing aspirin-like health benefits, there are many other health effects of using Salicin-containing health supplements. These benefits include the following:

  • It may treat skin inflammations

Skin irritations and inflammations brought about by allergic reactions and other conditions are known to be treated effectively with Salicin-containing health supplements. Salicin, however, is not intended to replace medications for skin allergies as it merely provides long-term prophylaxis and not immediate treatment. Certain cosmetic products developed lately also include Salicin in their formulations as it helps improve skin health without side effects.

  • It may reduce menstrual cramping

Menstrual cramping and other menstruation-associated symptoms are also said to be treated with Salicin supplementation among women. In some studies, it was also provided that the compound may help regulate hormonal balance among menopausal women, thereby preventing the onset of unlikely menopause signs and symptoms. Regular use of the compound is necessary, however, for this purpose.

  • It may promote wound healing

Patients with traumatized skin brought about by various causes are shown to manifest faster wound healing rate following Salicin supplementation. The compound effectively promotes wound healing by controlling inflammation and increasing supply of protein factors in the wound area.


Taking Salicin for long periods of time within relatively low doses can provide several health benefits to the body. It must not be overdosed as high amounts of Salicin can cause liver damage.

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