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Dendrobium Extract Powder

Chemical Name: Dendrobium Extract
CAS Number: 2115-91-5
Molecular Formula: C16H25NO2
Molecular Weight: 263.38 g/mol
Packaging: In paper-drums and two layers of poly bags inside. Net weight: 25kg/drum
Main Benefits: Produces Phenthylamine and Improves Physical Performance.
Application: dietary supplements


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Dendrobium Extract Powder

Dendrobium Extract Powder

— Dendrobium Extract 1%

Because in China, Dendrobium extract is an endangered product. Therefore, the export of this ingredient is restricted. Sorry to tell you Nutri Avenue is temporarily unable to provide high-quality Dendrobium extract to our customers. We will continue to work on this issue as well. Hope to continue to bring you Dendrobium extract bulk powder as soon as possible.

The herbal plant Dendrobium has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine to control symptoms of various conditions including gastrointestinal issues, Diabetes Mellitus, and even Arthritis. However, it has become popular across the world after it was introduced as a potential dietary supplement for workout enhancement.

What is Dendrobium Extract?

Dendrobium extract is a common ingredient in many modern pre-workout dietary supplements. It is derived from an orchid plant family which is prevalent in Asian regions including Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, and Taiwan. Dendrobium is one type of orchid which is widely used not only for ornamental purposes but primarily for its medicinal properties. It is traditionally known as Shi Hu and is believed to be among the most important orchid genera.

Like many other Chinese herbs, the herbal extract has other common names which include Dendrobium Nobile and Dendrobium Officinale. The stems of the herb are often subjected to extraction procedures to produce powder extract for an herbal treatment.

Dendrobium Extract Forms and Specifications

Dendrobium Nobile powder extract comes in varying strength ratios. The most common ratio is Dendrobium Nobile 10:1 and 20:1. The difference in strength ratios affects the actual dose of the dietary supplement but the effects of dendrobium on individual health remain the same.

Is Dendrobium powder extract legal?

Dendrobium powder has been used for hundreds of years to treat certain conditions in the early times of ancient China. Based on research, Dendrobium does not contain chemicals proven to risk human health. Thus, unlike DMAA which was previously classified as illegal for having toxic substances, Dendrobium is legal.

Dendrobium vs. DMAA

Otherwise known as 1,3 dimetylamylamine, DMAA was previously a popular ingredient in pre-workout supplements. It is classified as an amphetamine and found to pose risks to individual users.

Dendrobium and DMAA are related products in terms of their effects on possibly increasing adrenaline levels. However, the main difference between the said ingredients is that Dendrobium does not constrict blood vessels, unlike DMAA. Evidence also reveals that while DMAA causes sudden crashes among individual users, Dendrobium is not associated with the said adverse effects. Also, rather than causing jittery feelings with prolonged use as in DMAA, Dendrobium Nobile brings about mental clarity and focus.

Furthermore, unlike DMAA, Dendrobium contains several constituent chemicals which synergize in effects to produce health benefits in workout performance.

Constituents of Dendrobium Nobile Plants

The Chinese herb Dendrobium Officinale contains several phenanthrenes which explain its potential health benefits. These chemical constituents include 3,4,8-trimethoxyphenanthrene-2,5-diol, 2,8-dihydroxy-3,4,7-trimethoxyphenanthrene, and 3-hydroxy-2,4,7-trimethoxy-9,10-dihydrophenanthrene.

Currently, studies are being conducted to check the complex chemistry of Dendrobium.

How does Dendrobium Work?

Shi Hu or dendrobium powder has been traditionally used in China as a treatment for various conditions including mood disorders and symptoms such as pain. It is believed that the powder works by improving the production of certain neurotransmitters and hormones in the body, thereby effectively enhancing bodily functions and optimum health.

Specifically, experts say that the compound may increase energy by enhancing norepinephrine levels. This may also result in improved workout performance and even potential weight loss among individual users.

Dendrobium Powder Extract Benefits

Dendrobium in dietary supplement products is used primarily in enhancing workout performance and in bodybuilding. Studies reveal that the compounds in Dendrobium may contribute to workout efforts by effectively preventing fatigue and exhaustion during extraneous exercises. It is also believed that the compound, by increasing dopamine levels, may improve mood, thus improving a feeling of well-being among individual users.

In one study, it was also claimed that the compounds in the extract powder may promote lubrication of joints and strengthen tendons. It also promotes faster muscle recovery from physical strain.

Dendrobium Powder Extract Dose

The recommended dose for Dendrobium supplementation is 1500 to 2000 mg daily. The dose may vary depending on the individual user’s age, weight, and current medical conditions. Individuals who are diagnosed with certain health conditions and are currently taking medications are advised to check the product description and consult their physicians before using the supplement ingredient.

Dendrobium Extract Side Effects

Aside from mild stomach upsets and other gastrointestinal symptoms, dendrobium supplementation is not necessarily associated with side effects when used within recommended doses by otherwise healthy individuals.

However, serious adverse effects such as seizures may result among patients who are already suffering from the said symptom when the Dendrobium is taken without a physician’s advice. Drug interactions with hypertensive medications are also common.

Where to Buy Dendrobium Nobile Extract in China?

There are many potential sources of Dendrobium Nobile extract powder but the best source is always the one that offers high-quality and affordable products. Nutriavenue is an FDA-registered ingredient supplier which is known to offer various dietary supplement ingredients that are of proven quality and at very affordable prices.

We are also recognized and certified by various associations including Halal, GMP, and Kosher.

If you are looking for a potential source of Dendrobium Nobile extract powder, you may visit our page and get a free quote. Upon visiting our page, you may also check out some of our popular products. For more information, you may contact our customer service representatives.


Chinese herbs have long promoted health and wellness not only in China but also in adjacent regions. While studies on Dendrobium and other herbs are still limited, it is believed to be very useful in promoting wellness through various activated means.

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