Nice News! L-Valine Powder At A Historically Low Price

Baicalin and Baicalein powder

Nice News! L-Valine Powder At A Historically Low Price

L-Valine Powder Is At A Historically Low Price

Recently, Nutri Avenue discovered that the market price of L-Valine powder is at a historically low price. The price is about $5.2-5.8/kg. Market prices for other popular supplement ingredients are as follows.

Popular Supplement Ingredients Market Prices 4/8-4/14

Creatine Monohydrate powder is $9.2-11.5/kg. In the past two weeks, the creatine market has not fluctuated much.

As mentioned last week, the price of beta alanine powder is rising due to rising raw material prices. This week, its market price is $4-4.5/kg.

Alpha lipoic acid powder is $43-48/kg. The granular form is $45-50/kg. The ALA market remains generally stable.

Uridine 5’-Monophosphate Disodium Salt is $95-110/kg.

L-Ergothioneine powder is around $2,100/kg, with a hot market demand. This ingredient can be used in skincare products as an NMN substitute.

L-Theanine powder is $17-19.8/kg.

Theobromine powder has two processes, including synthetic and natural extraction. The purity of Theobromine under the synthesis process can reach 99%. The price is quoted at $49.5-54/kg. Natural Theobramine powder is extracted from cocoa. The extraction process allows two purity levels, one 20%. Its price is $50-56/kg. The other is 10% purity. The price is relatively low.

Huperzine A powder with 1% purity in synthesis way is $390-405/kg. Natural Huperzine A is extracted from Huperzia serrata at $835-860/kg.

Schisandra Berry Extract 10:1 is $9-10.5/kg.

Organic Stevia extract 97%/98% is $39-46/kg. (This ingredient can provide an organic certificate).

Citric acid powder is $1.4-1.6/lb.

Trehalose powder is $4-5.2/kg.

Maltitol powder 30-80mesh is $2.8-3.6/kg.

Magnesium Stearate powder is $19.5-24/kg.

Promotional Supplement Ingredients List On Nutri Avenue 4/8-4/14

In the new week, Nutri Avenue has updated its list of promotional ingredients. The following prices are market reference prices. If necessary, please contact our sales team to obtain it.

L-Glutamine powder is $10-12/kg.

Taurine powder with the anti-caking agent is $4-4.8/kg.

Calcium alpha-ketoglutarate powder is $56-85/kg.

GABA is $5.8-6.9/kg.

Citicoline Sodium powder’s market price is no less than $145/kg.

Quercetin Dihydrate 95% HPLC Powder is around $60/kg.

Recommended Supplement Ingredients Weekly 4/8-4/14

Marigold Extract

The marigold plants can extract two eye-protecting ingredients, Zeaxanthin and Lutein. The following are recommended specifications on the market.

  • Marigold Extract 10% Zeaxanthin powder
  • Marigold Extract 5% Lutein powder
  • Marigold Extract 10% Lutein powder
  • Marigold Extract 20% Lutein powder

The above specifications are all in stock in the U.S. warehouse. This year, the market price of marigold extract is generally stable but slightly downward. For example, 10% Zeaxanthin powder is $74-77/kg. 5% Lutein powder is $17.5-20/kg. Lutein with 10% purity is around $30/kg. The price for 20% purity is higher.

Currently, Nutri Avenue Beauty Warehouse has a batch of Zeaxanthin powder extracted from Marigold on sale. Customers who recommend eye supplements contact us for product information and the latest quotes.

Monk Fruit Extract

Since 2020, usage of Monk Fruit Extract, also known as LUO HAN GUO extract, has increased by 15.7% in the U.S. market. Currently, Nutri Avenue’s recommended specifications are as follows.

  • Monk Fruit Extract 10:1 is $12-15.5/kg.
  • Monk Fruit(Luo Han Guo) Extract Mogroside V is $94-100/kg.
  • Monk Fruit Extract 40% MV is $151-160/kg.


This week, the market price of L-Valine powder is at a historically low level. It is a great time to buy in bulk. In addition, Nutri Avenue also recommends Marigold Extract and Monk Fruit Extract. The market for Marigold Extract remains stable, but its price has declined slightly. The demand for Monk Fruit Extract in the U.S. market is increasing year by year. Contact us to learn more about supplement ingredients and their market dynamics.



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