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Beta Alanine

The product name β-alanine powder
CAS number 107-95-9
molecular formula C3H7NO2
molecular weight 89.09 g/mol
specification White biconical crystals used to complement product formulations. Naturally odorless
Appearance/color White biconical crystals
advantage For muscle growth, endurance and mental focus
apply Dietary supplements
parcel 1kg, 25kg/drum


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Beta-Alanine Powder

β-alanine is a well-known pre-workout supplement ingredient that is believed to prevent fatigue and exhaustion during exercise and other high-intensity exercise activities. The compound is beneficial not only for athletes and bodybuilders but also for adults who aim to lose weight through exercise.

What is Beta-Alanine?

β-alanine, also known as 3-Aminopropionic acid, is a non-essential amino acid that occurs naturally in the body and is not necessarily provided by various food sources. As a non-essential amino acid, β-alanine helps regulate several bodily processes necessary to maintain overall health.

While β-alanine is a non-essential amino acid, health experts recommend taking β-alanine for optimal muscle health. The formula of the compound used to formulate alanine β powder supplements is C3H7NO2. The molecular weight of the compound is 89.09 g/mol and the CAS number is 107-95-9. CAS Number β-Alanine 107-95-9

Beta-Alanine purity and specification

The appearance of β-alanine powder used to supplement the product formulation is a white biconic crystal. Unlike Alpha-alanine, it is naturally odorless and known to have no stereo center.

When the purification technique is properly established by experts in the field, a purity of β-alanine can be obtained from up to 96% to 99.9%.

When purchased in bulk, the compound is packed in paper drums with two layers of plastic bags inside. Each drum usually contains 25 kg.

Beta-Alanine and Creatine

β-alanine supplementFor optimal muscular endurance and energy at high-intensity sports and various sporting events, experts recommend a combination of β-alanine and creatine as a supplement. Both compounds are designed to increase muscle strength and prevent muscle fatigue. They are also naturally present in the human body. The only difference between compounds is their mechanism of action. While β-alanine basically prevents lactic acid from breaking down quickly, creatine works by increasing the energy reserves of muscles called ATP. When these unique compounds are combined for pre-workout supplementation, their effects create a synergistic effect.

Experts also say that combining creatine and β-alanine powder is good for customers because creatine works short-term by providing an energy boost, while β-alanine works long-term by preventing muscle fiber shortening.

Beta-Alanine and Taurine

Another combination of forces that increases exercise capacity and promotes muscle growth is β-alanine and taurine. While β-alanine and taurine are both classified as non-essential amino acids and are natural compounds for the human body, their roles in enhancing muscle mass are different. According to experts, β-alanine works by increasing anaerobic endurance, thus preventing the rapid appearance of fatigue during exercise. The role of supplementing with the compound taurine on the other hand is to increase the transport of essential nutrients in the muscles when performing the unrelated exercise.

Therefore, β-alanine and taurine supplements are ideal for bodybuilders and weightlifters.

Beta alanine for muscle

Beta-Alanine with BCAA

The mechanism of action of β-alanine and BCAA is mainly to prevent muscle fatigue. However, they are inherently different because β-alanine is natural in the body, while BCAAs are essential amino acids provided to the body through food sources and dietary supplements.

Many health experts and dietary supplement customers say that the combination of β-alanine and BCAA is very helpful in improving overall athletic performance and endurance. However, when taken alone, it is thought that β-alanine is more effective because its main role is to prevent the main cause of muscle fatigue, namely intramuscular acidosis. BCAA may help support this action by counteracting serotonin levels in the brain, which are one of the causes of muscle fatigue.

How does Beta-Alanine Work?

During high-intensity exercise, the body breaks down glucose to produce energy through a process called glycolysis. The process produces two end products, namely lactic acid and hydrogen ions. These end products can lead to muscle acidification or decreased pH when they accumulate in the muscles. As the workout progresses, muscle acidification continues, leading to muscle fiber strains and subsequent exhaustion and fatigue.

β-alanine plays a role in the mechanism of increasing carnosine production, a compound that prevents lactic acid from accumulating in muscles during exercise. By creating a natural muscle carnosine buffer, β-alanine is thought to control acidity and prevent muscle soreness, thereby improving workouts and workout quality.

Beta-Alanine Benefits

Beta-alanine supplements provide some related benefits primarily in those who engage in sports and exercise. Amino acids also provide benefits for weight loss enthusiasts. Here are some of the benefits of using alanine beta:

  • It helps increase lean muscle mass

In the long run, experts say beta-alanine may aid in the growth and development of lean muscle mass , as individuals taking the compound have been observed to have improved performance during exercise.

Typically, the amino acid beta-alanine is taken during the pre-workout phase as it is designed to prevent lactic acid build-up and subsequent muscle acidification through the muscle carnosine buffering mechanism. Taking beta-alanine powder supplements during or after a workout may be less beneficial because the acidification sought to prevent has already begun.

However, it must be noted that clients cannot rely solely on beta-alanine supplementation to promote muscle mass development. Supplements are only included in training or fitness exercise programs to enhance results.

  • It extends endurance during exercise

Often, during training and exercise performances, individuals feel exhausted and tired, which can affect their performance due to the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles. In fact, many people stop training and exercise programs after experiencing varying degrees of discomfort.

Experts say that by supplementing with beta-alanine, many individual users’ and clients’ workouts have improved because they don’t burn out as quickly and their stamina has been enhanced. Reviews also suggest that ingesting the compound may boost confidence, thereby improving the chances of completion of the weight loss and exercise program the client engages in. As a pre-workout supplement, the beta-alanine powder is also recommended for beginners.

  • It enhances mental concentration

The quality of your workout depends on a variety of factors, including mental focus. Therefore, enhancing mental focus during exercise and exercise training may be very helpful in improving athletic performance.

One of the interesting mechanisms by which beta-alanine improves exercise performance is related to its ability to increase carnosine. In addition to controlling lactate accumulation in muscles, experts explain that carnosine is also an antioxidant. Therefore, the medical evidence shows that increasing carnosine levels through supplementation with beta-alanine can help clear circulating free radicals in the cells of the brain and body known to affect overall mental function. In fact, supplementing with beta-alanine can enhance mental focus and improve the quality of your workout performance.

Beta-Alanine Spiritual Concentration NutriAvenue

  • it promotes quick recovery

Muscle strain recovery usually takes time especially when the extent of wear-out is severe. This usually happens when athletes and bodybuilders engage in extraneous exercises which are normally beyond the capacity of ordinary individuals.

Aside from healthy nutrition and diet, medical experts believe that Beta-alanine supplementation may aid in speedy recovery when taken as a pre-workout supplement. The compound is very helpful in preventing muscle wear-out as it controls acidification through carnosine buffer activation. With the control of lactic acid accumulation, muscle strain is minimized, thereby promoting rapid recovery in affected muscle regions.

Beta-Alanine Side Effects

The most common side effects of Beta-Alanine supplementation are itching and the development of a tingling sensation.

  • Beta-Alanine itch

Itch is usually a common bodily response to an irritant in the skin. Several individuals who take Beta-Alanine supplements are reported to have experienced itch after a few doses of the compound. Although the said side effect is not a reason for alarm, experts say that the doses of the compound may be reduced to control the discomfort.

  • Beta-Alanine tingle

It is also observed in studies that individuals who take Beta-Alanine experience a tingling sensation or paresthesia in several areas of the body including the neck, face, back, and hands. The tingling sensation does not necessarily call for emergency response but it may be a sign that the dose taken is not tolerated by the body. Hence, in response, individuals who experience the side effect should seek medical advice for a reduction of doses.

Beta-Alanine Dosage

The recommended dosage for Beta-Alanine powder supplements depends on various related factors which include the individual user’s age, general health condition, and weight. In general, the use of beta-alanine powder supplements to increase muscle mass is recommended for adults only.

Experts say that the intake of 2-5 grams of Beta-alanine powder supplements is safe and effective. Serving Beta-alanine supplements with meals is also said to improve its efficiency in increasing carnosine levels, thereby making it more effective in enhancing endurance during exercises. The intake of the compound, however, should be combined with a healthy diet.

When experiencing side effects associated with Beta-alanine supplements, physicians may reduce dosage to control discomfort.

Beta-Alanine Price

The price for Beta-Alanine usually ranges from $5.5 to $10 per kilogram. The said prices may differ depending on the quantity of your purchase and the shipping fees on your location.

Where to Buy Bulk Beta-Alanine Powder?

Nutriavenue is the best source of high-quality bulk beta-alanine powder at very affordable prices. Our company is a reliable, dependable, and trustworthy supplier of various ingredients for health supplement manufacture. We are proudly registered with the Food and Drug Administration as an ingredient supplier and recognized by various institutions like Halal, Kosher, GMP, and many more.

For more information, you can visit our website and get a quote. Our friendly and customer-oriented technical support staff are also available to answer any questions related to your purchase. The full list of ingredients we offer can also be found on our page.


Beta-Alanine Powder is not intended for use in the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of disorders related to the musculoskeletal system and any other organ system. However, the compound is thought to support exercise performance by improving overall muscular endurance. People diagnosed with certain health conditions must consult with their physician before supplementing with this compound.



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