How To Identify The Quality Of Phosphatidylserine Powder?

Phosphatidylserine powder sources

When companies, brands, and individuals buy Bulk Phosphatidylserine Powder, there are four ways to identify whether the quality of this ingredient is high.


Phosphatidylserine Powder is as white as possible. If the product’s color is yellow, the bleaching process is not done properly. Or, it could be that the quality of the ingredients is just poor.


The main raw material of this ingredient is made from soybean lecithin. So there will be some phospholipid smell in the powder.


Phosphatidylserine Powder has two raw materials, soybean and sunflower.

Due to the Russia-Ukraine war, the sunflower production of the two major sunflower-growing countries has decreased, increasing the price of raw materials.

Soybean lecithin is now the main raw material in the market. But this raw material is afraid of high temperatures. Summer delivery cannot be exposed to the sun, and it needs to be stored in a cool, room-temperature warehouse. Preferably cold storage.

Phosphatidylserine Market Price

Taking Phosphatidylserine PS 20% pure soybean as an example, this specification costs about $55-75/kg. The main reason for the large price gap is that to reduce costs, some factories will directly use 50% powder, add phospholipids, and reduce the content to 20% through the process. The cost of this form of physical compounding will be much lower than that of direct raw materials, with a content of 20%.

However, the ingredients produced this way will have very low PA content. European regulations stipulate that the PA content in Phosphatidylserine Powder should not be lower than 20%. U.S. regulations are unclear. However, FDA approved this ingredient is the only one that can prevent and alleviate Alzheimer’s disease.

Therefore, the PS powder with a market price of $65/kg uses soybean lecithin to achieve 20% content directly.


Therefore, the quality of Phosphatidylserine Powder can be judged from four aspects: appearance/color, odor, content, and market price. As a professional raw ingredients supplier, Nutri Avenue strictly controls these four points when producing this ingredient. In addition to 20% content, we have different specifications, such as 50%, 60%, and 70%. Welcome to get a free quote.

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